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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hunter's Hard Day at Work!

We are so proud of our little man, we had a very successful yet tiring, and I mean VERY tiring OT appointment today! As I said before, we are working hard on sitting up, and Nini the sitter has been too. Today, he performed for us all!
See pics and video below. If you can't see it in the email, click on Angelicears at the bottom of your email and wait for it to load on the blog.

Showing off those sitting up skills!

And then he completely passed out in the middle of OT!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1.      The fall season is such a great time of year, we are loving this football weather and gearing up for Halloween. H is going to be a golf caddy this year, with a plastic set of clubs and all! We will definitely be posting pictures soon!
2.      I met with our Early Steps case manager and Hunter’s PT, OT and Special Teacher on Thursday for our 6 month meeting. We set new goals and wrote a new plan for the next 3 months.
3.      We decided to add an extra session a month with the OT (so she will be coming twice a month), we are decreasing our PT to once a month for now, and our special teacher will add a session a month and go visit H at the sitter’s house during the day.
4.      One of our short term goals that was written in the plan was for Hunter to get good head and trunk control. We are leaps and bounds beyond the head lag that he used to experience, but arching of his back is still what he likes best!
5.      We are also striving towards Hunter being able to activate toys on his own. Pressing buttons to get toys to light up, and getting the whole cause and effect concept.  
6.      We had a PT appointment on Thursday at 8am. This is not the best time for Hunter because he is usually tired and just about ready for a nap, so it was hard to get much out of him but we have been working on bearing weight on those shoulders and getting him comfortable with that. We have also been trying to put him in a sitting position to get him comfortable bearing weight on his arms and hands. This is not something that he particularly enjoys, so we are doing this baby step style.
7.      This past weekend, my husband and his mom got to meet a very special little girl from Breaux Bridge who is three and has the cochlear implant. She and her mother just so happened to be at the cook off in Loreauville, and Blair was thoroughly impressed with the little girl’s language skills. She too goes to Shelley, our AV therapist, in Baton Rouge. Meeting her was so reassuring and gave us even more confidence in our decision to stick with the auditory verbal approach.
8.      We had a sound booth test done a few weeks ago when we were getting new ear molds made for the hearing aids, and Hunter did not seem to react much to the high pitched sounds, but may have been getting some of the low pitches. There were no head turns or anything, but she could tell if he started to fuss, she would turn the low pitches on and he would hesitate a bit.
9.      Shelley encourages reading books to Hunter while his hearing aids are in. The closeness of our mouth to his ears allows us to speak normally and not distort the sound by yelling. And if he is getting anything from our voices, it’s stimulating that auditory nerve and prepping the brain for the implant. Therefore, we try to get story time in as much as possible. And with this beautilful weather we have been able to read outside too!
10.  Phew, that Ten on Tuesday was a little harder than I thought. Many other blogs have Ten on Tuesday, Wordless Wednesday (just pictures), so I am going to try a few of these ideas and see how that goes! Have a great week everyone!