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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Usher Syndrome Awareness Wristbands

Blair and I recently purchased these wristbands to help raise money for the Usher Syndrome Coalition. The Coalition puts on the Usher Syndrome conference every summer, and when Blair and I attended the one this past summer, I knew these people were real. Real in their every day struggles, real in the hardships their family members had faced, and most of all real in the passion that this group of people has to find a cure for Usher Syndrome soon! 

Each wristband is selling for $5 (without shipping charges) and all proceeds will go to the Usher Syndrome Coalition to help fund the services that they provide to those individuals affected by Usher Syndrome. There are two sizes, one is an 8 inch adult and one is a 7 inch child. Upon receiving these wristbands, I noted that the 7 inch fit myself more appropriately than the 8 inch, which was more fitted for Blair. So I would say if you are interested in ordering a wristband, the 7 inch is more fitted for women (I don't have a tiny wrist) and the 8 inch is more fitted for men. When I first placed the order for them, I ordered more 8 inch wristbands because the 7 inch were labeled child. But if need be, I can always order more 7 inch. 

The Usher Syndrome Coalition's website, will soon put these up for sale with the option of paying through PayPal. It will also calculate shipping charges for those of you who don't live around Lafayette or New Iberia. I know people have been seeing the ones Blair and I wear and have been asking if they can purchase them now, so I figured I would put up a post about them now.

If you do not feel comfortable wearing them, that is perfectly fine. We just ask that you put it in a place to remind yourself to send up a small prayer when you see it. If you do wear it, please feel free to tell anyone who asks about Usher Syndrome everything that you know, and even direct them to my blog if they want to know more. Bringing awareness to this area is the first step in helping to find a cure. 

To order, please email me at with the quantity and sizes. If you do not live in this area, I can mail them in a regular letter size envelope for a small fee. And if anyone wants to order in bulk, I can arrange that as well. 

Thank you in advance, we truly feel like this is going to be a huge step in educating people on Hunter's condition!

Blair and Elise Faucheaux 


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