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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Cochlear Aqua+

Ladies and gentlemen... look what Cochlear has come out with to make a our lives a whole lot easier :) It's a cover for the processor and a different coil that Hunter can wear and not have to worry about getting it wet! (and it still works today, PHEW!)

(Picture and video are posted mainly for my CI Group friends)
Here is a video of Hunter wearing it yesterday in the pool!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Seeing the world

I just watched a video of a little boy named Hunter who died of cancer this year. He loved the WWF and got the chance to meet his biggest hero and "wrestle" on stage with him, and after one of the real fights that the wrestler won, he went up to this little boy Hunter and thanked him for the strength he gave him to keep pushing and asked him to fight just as hard. Whoa. What a tear jerker.

I don't know if it was the fact that his name was Hunter or just the whole kid cancer thing that gets me every time, but I couldn't help but think about those make a wish kids, the Kidds' Kids trips, the opportunity to give children with disabilities the chance to experience things they otherwise may never have been given the chance to experience. One little boy on the Kidds' Kids trip this year went because he is losing his vision, and the parents wanted him to be able to experience Disney World before he went completely blind. Well just this morning, I got an email for the Cochlear Celebration that Cochlear America puts on every other year in Disney World for recipients and families of people with Cochlear Implants. It's more of a seminar for families but they have special events planned for the children as well. And when I sent it to Blair to see if we could go, he said yes right away. And to be honest, I was shocked. Sometimes when we are debating taking the kids places, we decide it's just easier to stay home with the ages that they are. And I was sure he would say the same thing about this opportunity. But I'm so glad he didn't.

I think I keep holding on to the idea that there will be a cure before Hunter loses his vision, but he's 3 now, and as quickly as those three years have passed, another five will be under our belts before we know it, his vision may start to deteriorate, and we won't be able to turn back time. I just don't want to wish we would have done more with Hunter if there is no cure by the time he starts to lose his vision. I once overheard Blair telling a friend that he wanted to be able to take him hunting at an early age so that he can experience the joy Blair does of shooting a deer before he loses his vision. (Sorry for those not from South LA, but it's a huge thing down here. Hunting is in Hunter's blood, whether he wants it or not.) And if you ask our friends and family, we really never.stop. We always have something going on. The first few months after Harrison was born, we stayed home more than ever. And it was kind of nice for a change, but I will tell anyone, I'd rather spend money on traveling and experiences than on clothes and shoes and things that don't create memories for a lifetime. (Yes, I still buy clothes). But if I don't take a flight somewhere every 6 months or so, I start to get cranky. And I am grateful for our support system, for our family members who help us make these things possible, and those who also provide great experiences and great memories for Hunter. We couldn't do any of this without them.

We can hope and wish and pray for a cure, and we can have all the faith in the world. But we can't turn back time, and I don't want to regret not making the most out of the only memories Hunter may potentially have of seeing the world.

Thank you all for listening, it's been an emotional day from the 4:45am start, and after watching that video, I needed to write and let out a good little cry. I just write a lot smoother when I am crying ;)

This dude finally let me put a hat on him when the sun was in his eyes Sunday afternoon :)