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Monday, June 17, 2013

Hello, Summer!

This past week Hunter took swimming lessons all 5 days. The beginning was a little rough, on all of the children. It was 4 two year olds, so there were lots of tears and lot of "Mama!!!!" being yelled from the water. But everyone did so great and by the end of the week you could tell they were more comfortable in the water than they were at the beginning of the week. And being that my parents have a pool, we were insistent on having some sort of swimming lessons. The biggest thing Hunter learned during this week was how to grab on to the side of the pool, which could be a life saving move! Hunter took with his cousin Kell, which we thought would help to have someone there he knew.

I was a bit nervous because we were going to be taking his ears off to get in the water. We have been taking them off at my mom's but this was a new person he had never met before. And every time he was waiting for his turn, like a broken record Hunter would say "Kell turn" because he did not want to be next! But by day 4, he finally started saying "Hunter turn", even without his ears on. The instructor would tap him 3 times before he would go under, or count to 3 with her fingers. Then she would blow in his face so that he would hold his breath before going under. I told her to give him a thumbs up when he came up from the water because he's a big fan of the thumbs up and good job. And even in the middle of his screams he would give us a thumbs up. And when he saw me videoing him, he would even say "Cheese" in the middle of screaming and trying to hold on to the wall!

Here are a few pictures from the beginning of the week:

Here are Day 4 videos:

And here are a few pics and videos from Day 5!

He felt a lot more comfortable during Day 5 and even this past weekend on my mom's house.... he was entirely too good to just sit on the steps anymore. He was like a little fish! 
Oh and we insist on sunglasses at my mom's every time we are in the pool. We ALL wear them together!