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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Ode to Walt Disney World - 2015

Our family went to Disney World in February as part of the Cochlear Celebration Convention. I have started a separate post about the convention, but there was SO much going on at Disney that I figured a little poem would suffice to sum up the trip. (Thanks to Annie Flavin for the poetry inspiration) When people ask me how it went with two little ones, I say it was like childbirth-- painful yet exciting and wonderful. And even though part of you just wants to be home, when you get home you forget all of the painful parts and want to go back and do it all over again :)
Ode to Walt Disney World
Master packing lists that never fail
Yet still forgetting things utilizing overnight mail

Chilly early mornings & late nights
Cranky parents children and spousal sibling fights
Buses, planes & monorails
Constant excitement that never fails
Hotel rooms, sand pits & a swimming pool
The most basic things were oh so cool
Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Elsa & Tinkerbell
Parades we are familiar with all too well
Naps in strollers & Nemo shows
A luau dinner and swords that glow
Oh that ittle bitty Harrison
Can't turn away for one split second
Busted noses and busted lips
Lost shoes resulting in shopping trips
Rollercoasters, face painting & flying dumbo
Hunter still calls it the "flying gumbo"
Never ending fireworks that lit up the sky
Now I see why all their prices are so darn high
Are we done yet Hunter? Can we please go now?
Not yet Mama, look Mama, Wow!
Disney food, oh the food
Nothing else put us all in a better mood
And until next time, forgetting all the meltdowns & fights,
Printing out our memories & counting down the nights.