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Friday, June 8, 2012

6 Weeks Post Activation

With 4 therapy appointments this past week, and one VERY attached to his mommy almost 15 month old, it has been quite an eventful past couple of days!

Tuesday we had the Early Steps speech therapist over, Wednedsay we went to Shelley with Blair’s Aunt Monique and his cousin Kagon, who was a major help by the way, Wednesday night we had Harriet over for play time with our Special Teacher, and Thursday our OT came over to work on Hunter’s balance and walking.

As I mentioned above, this week has been allllll about Mommy and NOT wanting to let go. Speech therapy was fine, AV Therapy was decent, and then our Special Teacher appointment was a total disaster! So Mommy decided to stay away for OT to minimize the drama that is associated with Hunter wanting to be held by his mommy all day every day! I know everyone says it’s just a phase and to just love on him and enjoy it, but it started to drive me a little crazy when I could not get a single thing done without Hunter crawling up my skin!

Let’s just say he wasn’t in the mood to use his voice very much as therapy this week either, but we have a few new discoveries since turning up the settings on his ears.

Here is one video to show how he points to his ear now when he hears things. It’s adorable because since he got activated that’s what we always do when trying to make him listen, we point to our ear and say “I hear that!” And now he does it as well J

And our next consistent discovery is that Hunter knows that his name is Hunter. I couldn’t be more excited for him, and it’s ADORABLE when he turns to his name. Here is a short clip of that as well.

So for this week, needless to say I’m glad it’s over. I am determined to focus on what he is doing rather than what he’s not for the time being. Oh, and our OT said his balance has improved significantly since her last appointment with him. We are working on it, and it will come…. Baby Steps J


  1. Wow, both those videos bring back some memories!

  2. Yay Hunter! Amazing little boy and learning quickly. :)