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Friday, December 23, 2011

Home for the Holidays

All some people want for the holidays is to be home with their family. Hunter went to the doctor yesterday with a cough, and they swabbed him for RSV which came back positive. Being that a majority of our family consists of babies, we were told to stay home so as not to spread the virus. I was pretty bummed, but all in all I am just grateful that Blair, Hunter and myself will be spending Christmas morning at home together!
He is stil very groggy but in good spirits for the most part. With Nana's help we are getting a lot done around the house, and Blair and I will rotate staying home with Hunter over the next two days so that we can go to mass and visit with family for a bit.
Hopefully by next Thursday when we go back to the doctor, all will be clear and he will be able to go back to the sitter!

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