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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Post Op Appointment and Lab Work

One tiny little guy woke up on the wrong side of the bed yesterday…. It sure was a lonnnnng day!

My mom seems to think it went fairly well considering he is in constant motion and was strapped in a car seat a majority of the day. But if he wasn’t sleeping or he didn’t have he was whining!

The check up went well, he wanted to climb and crawl all over and up everything in the waiting room and in the doctor’s office. I sat there cringing because I used to get sick thinking of all the germs that are probably on the toys in a doctors waiting room. Never say never, because it kept it occupied and I was willing to do whatever it took to keep him tame. We did cover him with hand sanitizer afterwards though.

Dr. Molony took the tape off of the incisions. I tugged at the tape a little thinking there's no way he will take it off, it's still on there pretty well. He will probably let it fall off on its own. Nope. One side even ripped a bit of the scab off. Hunter fussed a little but it didn't last long. Not NEARLY as long as when he fell in the waiting room before his next appointment, but I will get to that later....

Dr. Molony was very nice, some say he's not very personable but we had absolutely no issues with him (his staff was a different story, but at least we are done with them forever!) he said the next time he sees Hunter he should be walking and telling him hi in the hall! We are so excited to get his ears turned on April 27th. We LOVE LOVE LOVE the audiologist and cannot wait to start working with her!

Next we made our way downtown to Tulane to draw the blood. After a bit of confusion regarding appointment times, we got there around 12:30. They had scheduled us for 11... But I told everyone who called to verify that we had an appt at ochsners at 11, and that we wouldn't be there until 12-12:30. But apparently that didn't change anything. So we had a little wait, and while Hunter was playing in yet another germ infested waiting room, he slipped and fell on his head. He cried, and cried, and cried and cried and cried.... Longer than when they actually drew the blood! A nurse who just came back from lunch took us back. She said she doesn't normally draw blood on babies, but he had one good vein she was able to get to. I had to hold him down, and I think that was the worst part. My mom was in the hall with her fingers jammed in her ears while he cried, and she blessed the vial of blood with Padre Pio oil and with a relic of St. Katharice Drexel. Saint Padre Pio oil is to help us implore God's loving tender mercy for the sick. We believe that if Hunter doesn't have Usher Syndrome, it will be a miracle. The results take about a month to come in. If it comes back negative, that means Hunter does not have the French/Acadian strand of Ushers. We will go from there and do more genetic testing if that is the case so that we can determine exactly what the cause of the hearing loss is. Either way, it's better knowing for his medical records in the years to come.

If it comes back positive ...well, I've got a plan. Although I'm not ready to elaborate on it, I'm ready to fight this thing with all of the energy I've got, plus some. I'm ready for whatever the results may bring us... I'm ready to step up to the plate and be the best advocate that I can for my son.  This will not beat us down. I'm so ready.

It's kind of hard to see, but you can see the incision right along his ear, and there's another one diagonal under his hair starting at the top of his ear going to the left. He was asleep when I took this.

Here is the other side, same thing with the incision along his ear and another one diagonal. This was before we actually got to wash his hair for real in a week, so there's still some crud on there. I will get better ones soon.

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  1. There's no way that little boy was being bad Elise!! He is so innocent ;)