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Saturday, June 2, 2012

5 Weeks Post Activation

I apologize for the lack of posting in the past few weeks. Life has surely gotten in the way!

My sister in law and I took our 14ish month olds (yes, they are 3 weeks apart) to Houston to visit Hunter's Nanny, Bevon! She is due for twins in August so she was glad to have the practice with Hunter and Eli, and we were glad to have the help entertaining! It was quite nice that the boys are basically on the same schedule, I sure hope it stays this way because it makes it easy for us to travel together! Despite my vehicle having to stay in Houston due to a check engine light leading to needing a new transmission (fun!), we were just glad it didn't break down on I-10! We had a such a good time just spending the weekend all together, I wish we could do it every single weekend. Good food, good friends and good family. Next trip, less time spent finding a repair shop to take my car to on a Saturday afternoon, and more time shopping :) We did get some time in at the pool that surely made up for a long day on the road!

This past week started out with Hunter at the pediatrician's office with a nasty cough he had been battling since Thursday. He's on an antibiotic and doing much better. Then Wednesday we took our weekly road trip to BR for his AV Therapy appointment. He did very well, knowingly responded to his name three times and even immitated the airplane and the car noises! Thank you to my friend Lauren for joining us this week to help keep H entertained. We were so glad to have you this week!

Thursday Hunter had Speech Therapy at the sitter's house. It was their first session but she said he was very easy to play with and she is going to incorporate the weekly AV Therapy goals into her sessions. When Blair picked up Hunter from Nini's on Thursday, he said she was on cloud nine because she said mummbled "mama" three times that day! She was sooo excited! The night before when I was unloading the dishwasher, he was pulling on my pants and I thought he was mummbling mama, but I thought it was just me making it up! He isn't looking at me and saying nor really putting two and two together, but I'm just as excited that he's started to really babble like a baby and make distinct noises!

On Saturday, we attended our first Little Gym summer session class. We had gone to an introductory class before, but thanks to Nana we will be going every Saturday this summer. What a good time he had, especially since he was accompanied by Camille, Kell and McKinley! (all cousins who were born within 6 months of Hunter!) He was very clingly to me this morning before we went, but the minute he got there it was like he forgot who I was! I am very excited about the little gym, especially since he is balacing better and better every day on his feet. This gives him a chance to roam around a completely padded room and do exercises we don't normally do at home. It's very good for the vestibular system. He is walking more and more with his walker and we are working on it every day. This week we have OT on Thursday and we haven't seen her in almost 3 weeks, so I think she will be very impressed with his progress.

Here's a picture and a little footage from this morning's class.

Oh, and just another update.... Blair and I will be attending the Usher Syndrome Family Conference in St. Louis on July 7th. It's basically an all day informational session on the latest research and developments with Usher Syndrome. A few of the families that I have been keeping up with will also be there and it will offer a lot of networking oppportunities with other families in the same boat as us. We are very much looking forward to it (I mean I guess as much as you can look forward to something like this) just to be in the know about everything involving everything involving Usher Syndrome!

This coming week we have Speech Therapy on Tuesday, AV Therapy on Wednesday and OT on Thursday. Be back after all of that!

Have a great week :)

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