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Monday, July 2, 2012

Summer Fun!

I can't believe the summer is already half way over, it's been so busy for us and time sure is flying by!

Let me catch up with last week...

Hunter, my cousin, Mallory, and I started a long day Wednesday morning full of appointments! We switched our normal AV Therapy appointment time to 8am because Shelley was leaving to go out of town that afternoon, so we were on the road headed to BR pretty early that morning. He did well at the appointment, but it just seems as though he is acting like he wants to immitate her sounds, puckering his lips, yet nothing is coming out! He of course said Mama a few dozen times, so we have mastered that :) But we are still working on him immitating sounds we make with different tones and pitches.

We then headed to NOLA for new mappings (where they turn up the volume on Hunter's ears!). He took a nice nap on the way there, thank goodness, because the appointment was right around his nap time. He did wonderful, and I think he is getting used to seeing Mrs. Tonya. We also did a sound booth test afterwards, and she said he is hearing as low as 35-40 dbs, which she compares so normal conversation. Anything louder than that he is sure to hear, and I think there are certain things I have seen him turn to that seem to be lower than normal conversation speech. So all in all, he is doing wonderful! On our way back into town, we made a trip to the pediatrician's office to check out a rash that he had been having for a week and even got a haircut in after that. Our day ended with a nice walk around Sugar Mill Pond with Marianna and Kell, and we were both exhausted to say the least! I admire stay at home moms, I don't think at this point in my life I could ever tackle being a 24/7 mom!

On Thursday we had our Speech Therapist from Early Steps come to the house to meet with Hunter. After speaking with a few other people, she is willing to think outside of the box and still work with Hunter, which we are very grateful for. Although we are not learning any new signs at this time, we are taking full advantage of the ones he already knows to meet his immediate needs. Hunter can tell us when he is hungry, when he wants more, when he wants milk, and when he is tired. And I can't tell you how grateful I am to have those signs to help us give him what he needs to minimize any frustration he may feel while having only a few communication modes.

This past weekend we may the trip to Texas for Blair's sister's TWINS' baby shower :) She is Hunter's nanny and hasn't seen him since Memorial Day, so we figured it would be a nice getaway for everyone. I'm pretty sure they were equally excited to spend time together, and we are all looking forward to the babies' arrival come mid August (fingers crossed)!

Happy 4th of July Week everyone.... This Mama is starting off the week tonight with a girls' night at dinner and a movie, laying by the pool tomorrow with friends, and the zoo for a little family time on Wednesday. We leave this Friday for the Usher Conference in St. Louis, so I will probably post another update after this weekend :)

Thanks for following!

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