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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Mapping and AVT

Yesterday, Blair, Hunter and myself made our way to New Orleans to see our wonderful audiologist to update Hunter's mappings (settings) on his CIs. Hunter is basically turned up all the way when he comes to volume. She does not believe that he will need to be turned up any more at this point unless we think he is not hearing like he should. We have one more setting that is a little louder, but we were advised not to switch unless we really think it's necessary. Then we have another setting that can lower the volume a tad bit in case we are in loud environments where we think the volume may be bothered by the loudness. Hunter was very cooperative at this appointment, considering we were approaching nap time. While we were there we also did a sound booth test where Hunter was sitting on my lap while the audiologist would project sound through different speakers in the room to see if he could tell where the noises were coming from. He turned for a majority of the sounds, while there were a couple that he was unsure about. But overall, she said he was doing wonderfully. She said that the rule of thumb is for a 20 month old to have a 20 word vocabulary and that we were all doing exceptionally well!

After this appointment, we made our way to Baton Rouge for AV Therapy. We had one tired little puppy who only slept for 20 minutes in the car, but he lasted a good 50 minutes before he was ready to head out of there!

Here is a short video from therapy yesterday (until he noticed the camera!):

And here is a video from the house to show Hunter's receptive language skills at 5.5 months post hearing:

Have a great weekend everyone. Our new twins are spending the weekend with us for their baptism, and Hunter will get some long overdue time with his Nanny :)

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