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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Progress... All around!

I was reminded over the weekend that I haven't really had a good progress post lately. I haven't really had time to sit down and document it all, because it's a lot! Also, since starting my new job I haven't taken Hunter to therapy yet so I haven't gotten any videos of him in action. I took him for the first time in a couple of months yesterday, so I will post videos below.

But-- just a couple of weeks ago, I went to pick up Hunter for daycare because Blair had something after work, and dude signed and sang (in unison) about 5 nursery rhymes on the way home. My head was spinning. Where in the world did he learn these nursery rhymes?! Well as most of you know, our sitter is a big advocate for signing, so it clicked. She was obviously the one who had been working with him. And these were nursery rhymes that I probably haven't heard since I was little because he ended up teaching ME the words!

Hunter is also obsessed with the ABCs. And that's probably a major understatement. It's almost like a song he can't get out of his head because he sings it ALL the time! A few weekends ago we went to Blair's friend's camp where I had to sleep in the same bed as him, and at first I had on a night light. Well, no ears on, he is signing and singing the ABCs in the air. Ok, once was fine with me. Then he sits his Santa Clause up and starts singing to Santa. It was precious! Anytime he sees a mirror he is signing and singing, when we FaceTime with family and he can see himself in the big picture before they answer, he is signing his letters. Then last week he was singing it and I hear, A- Apple, B- Ball, C-Car, D- Drum Drum Drum, E- Elephant, F Friend... :) I have no idea what we would do without his sitter, Nini. She is amazing. She is constantly pushing him to learn more. She tells us all the time that his lack of attention to play on one thing for an extended period of time is attributable to him just getting intellectually bored with one thing and wanting to learn something else. As if a 2 year old isn't exhausting enough, but he is in constant motion from the time he wakes up (which is sometimes 5am) to the time he goes to bed at 8pm (which could be much later if we let him).

But overall, we couldn't be happier with his progress thus far. I never would have imagined the day we found out that Hunter was deaf, that he would be living just like a normal 2.5 (yes, 2.5 in September!) year old. God is good and has blessed us with a hard worker and family members, friends, sitters and therapists who all contribute to his continued success.

The first video was in the car yesterday on the way to therapy. I promise it was at a really long red light. It's 2 of the nursery rhymes that he knows.

And the next 2 videos are from AV Therapy yesterday afternoon. In the first one Hunter is identifying different objects (kind of a vocabulary review), and in the second one it's Hunter repeating 3 syllable sounds.

And here is a sneak peak of me and baby Harrison Charles at 23 weeks today!


  1. AMAZING, Elise! He is doing so well. You guys must be on cloud nine with his progress. Also, you look beautiful. Hope you are feeling well. ;)

  2. Yay Hunter! E, you look great! Love ya'll!