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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Hunter 2.5 Years Old

Today, September 12th, my baby boy turns 2 1/2 years old. It's crazy to say he's 2 1/2 when people ask how old he is... bitter sweet I guess. We got some good news recently from our AV Therapist that Hunter does not need to go to therapy in Breaux Bridge every week anymore. We will cut back to every other week and make sure Hunter is staying on track for a few months before possibly taking him out altogether. He really has been doing so well, but I am scared that when he turns 3 and isn't eligible for Early Steps speech therapy anymore that he may start to get behind. Therapy twice a week has been a part of our routine since for almost a year and a half now, so another bitter sweet thing to be able to graduate from weekly services, but a little anxiety as to how Hunter will keep up with others his age.

Here are a few fun facts about our big boy that some may not know:

Hunter's favorite food lately has been Donuts! We pass there on the way home every day and I have to remind him that Donuts are only for breakfast, and only once a week!
Same goes for Icees, he asks almost every time we pass a gas station, but we only get Icees on Fridays!

Hunter is a little OCD (if that's the right way to put it). He HAS to be the one to press the garage door button every time we leave the house and every time we get home. (And requests the same at every house we go to) If we accidentally forget we have to close it again and then let him press it to re-open it. In the mornings, he presses it near the door and we run to let him "push" it open and tell him how STRONG he is!

At night, when we tuck him in to bed (sans ears) he has to have his barney pillow pet, his mini pillow under his head, his santa in one arm, his bear in the other, and all of the other random stuffed animals on top of the two blankets he is tucked in with. Then he is still yelling for his bear, which we consistently point out is in his hands and he nods, but still yells every time we walk away. It only lasts 5 seconds, don't worry. Then in the mornings, if he is already awake when we go in there, he has to hand us every single stuffed animal and blanket and pillow and then expects us to have two hands left to get him out. I have started dropped most items to the floor when he's not looking. Weird cookie. ;)

Hunter LOVES swimming. He is quite the dare devil who isn't afraid to jump in when we aren't looking or flip into the baby pool all by himself. I don't know what we will do on the weekends when it gets too cold to swim!

He seems to understand (I think) that he will have a baby brother named Harrison. At night we bless Hunter, Mama, Daddy and Baby Harrison and occasionally he asks him to wake up and come out to play. He also points to my belly and says- Mama has baby! It will definitely be interesting to see how he reacts in December when Baby Harrison really does make his arrival!

Hunter is also just like any other 2 1/2 year old boy who can get pretty defiant when he doesn't get his way (or when he just decides to be). It's been a challenge, but this too will pass! As much I want him to grow up and move past this phase, this age can be really fun (again, when he wants to be!)

Have a great rest of the week and weekend, thank you for following!

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  1. Absolutely precious! He sounds just too cute with his stuffed animals! I am enjoying finding out about the two and two and a half year stages as Butters is 18 months and is a mess already. Can't wait to hear about Baby Harrison's arrival and am so happy for you all!