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Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Special Thanks from Dad

For months now, I have been promising Elise that I would post something on the blog. I figured that giving it is Thanksgiving, I would use this time to say a few words of appreciation. Happy Thanksgiving 2011!

Shrimp Boil
I want to start out by thanking everyone who helped with Hunter’s fundraiser. It is hard to put into words the appreciation that Elise and I have for what you all have done for Hunter. The fundraiser was as smooth as I have ever seen, and more tickets were sold than we could have ever imagined. This will help Hunter for a long time. To everyone who helped, contributed, purchased and donated… please realize that you are and will forever be a part of his long journey. Thank You!

Family and Friends
To the network of our friends and family, you have been our strength through Hunter's young journey and for that, we cannot thank you enough. Thanks for the love and the shoulder to lean on. Thanks for answering the phone, words of encouragement, clearing our minds, and accepting Hunter for who he is with open arms despite his challenges. Thank You!

Thanks for being who you are and the mother that you have turned out to be. Thanks for being a teacher, a therapist, a planner, a wife, a mom and a role model. Thanks for showing Hunter and I strength. We have been handed a gift in Hunter, one that does not allow us time to look into the rearview, but one that has us anxious for the future. We love you….Thank You!

Thank you…thanks for teaching us love, strength, understanding and patience. God has given us such a precious gift by blessing your mom and myself with you, and I would not have it any other way. Until April 4, 2011, I thought it was my job as a father to teach you the world, but seeing God’s plan unfold, you are now teaching everyone around you a whole new world. Thanks for teaching us the face of love and what acceptance really looks like without words. I wouldn’t change a thing for the world, Bud! I love you!

-Hunter's Dad

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  1. Blair,
    You could not have said it better!!! I have read through Hunter's blog and laughed and cried with ya'll!!!! (knowing first hand the emotions you go through) Dealing with all the doctors, therapy, diagnosis, etc. Our kids truely are a blessing and it's so amazing that we were chosen to raise and take care of children that are sooooo special!!!!! I just wanted to say that I keep all of ya'll in Trevor and my prayers every night!!! Can't wait to hear more updates!!!
    Jody Louviere Faucheaux