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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

So I guess it comes with the territory of being a mom, but I had my Ten on Tuesday all ready to go and I forgot to post it last night! (maybe it's because H just didn't feel like taking his normal evening nap, I'm not sure). So I am posting on my lunch break today.

1. We never know the reason why things happen the way they do. But my heart goes out to my dear friend Brandi who lost her two month old last week. I guess God just needed another good to angel to be by his side. Please remember this family in your thoughts and prayers.

2.  Our special teacher went to see H at the sitter a few weeks ago and said she had him on all 4s and he actually balanced on one hand to get his pacifier. This is quite a step for him… gaining more and more strength every day.

3. The fundraiser that our friends put together this past weekend was an absolute success. The response was overwhelming, the people who came that day were amazing, and we cannot thank everyone enough to helped to make it possible. We are truly touched by the love everyone has shown to our sweet Hunter.

4. On Thursday, we went to New Orleans for them to administer an ABR (Auditory Brainstem Response) test. The ABR test evaluates how well sound travels along Hunter’s hearing nerve pathways from the ear to the brainstem. A device near the ear makes clicking sounds. Earpieces in ear canals conduct the sound and electrodes on the scalp/earlobes track sound moving through the ear to the brain. As expected, they gave a profound hearing loss diagnosis.

5. While we were there and Hunter was already sedated for the ABR test, they also conducted a CT scan on the brain to detect whether or not the cochlea bone was correctly formed. In order for Hunter to receive the implants, the cochleas in both ears have must be free of any malformations. After a long weekend of awaiting the results, everything looks normal! (even though the chances of malformations was less than 1%, you just never know!)

6. We haven’t seen our PT in about a month, and tomorrow we have an 8am appointment with her. It’s not H’s best time since he usually wakes up around 6, and seems to get a bit cranky by 8. But we are hoping for a successful appointment! (PS. Since I am posting this on Wednesday, he and I actually took a mini nap after my bootcamp but before therapy which really seemed to help! Phew!)

7. Our OT is coming on Thursday, and we are thrilled to be able to show her how long Hunter has been sitting up for on a daily basis. He is still wanting to lean forward and is not really able to balance himself without his hands. But he is trying to grab at most everything he sees, and testing out his balance with one hand when he wants his pacifier or to shove the remote in his mouth J

8. Hunter turned 8 months on Saturday, I cannot believe my baby boy is getting so old. I feel like it was just yesterday we were finding out the gender of our little man!

9. So what next? I just heard back from our audiologist at Ochsner’s. The next step is to submit the authorization form to the insurance company for pre-approval of surgery for the implants. She said once it’s submitted that it’s a waiting game from there. I am hoping to have an answer before the first of the year, but it will be up to them once it’s submitted!

10. And yes, are looking to get both ears implanted on the same day, and hopefully that will be his first birthday 03/12/2012!


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