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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Surgery Date!

It's official! It's official! Hunter is on the books to have his surgery the morning of Tuesday, March 27th. Two weeks and a day after his first birthday. I just want to scream a waaahooo!

PS. When I find more time in the day, I will post more fun things. Promise! Tax season is already taking over our lives, but Blair has swept in a done a heroic job at running daddy day care on my late nights and Saturdays while I am at work. Oh... and he is still crawling, faster and faster every single day, and he is pulling up on everything (see pic below)! Awaaahoo! Oh, and my little man turns 11 months this weekend. Tear ;)


  1. Yaaayyy!!! I'm so happy that Hunter has a surgery date... what great news :)

  2. Yipppeeee!!!! That's not far away at all! Before you know it, he'll be activated and hearing your voices!!! : )

  3. Fantastic news!! Please keep us updated. He's adorable! :)