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Friday, May 11, 2012

AV Therapy- Week 2

I just wanted to give a little update on how therapy was going and how Hunter has been doing. Earlier this week my anxiety was through the roof. I watch all of these other kids on different blogs who are responding to sounds after 2 days, and responding to their name after 1-2 weeks.
And we simply weren't there. Our goal after last week's AV therapy session was to get Hunter to acknowledge sound 5 times in the next week. Well, Blair and I counted a grand total of 1. 1 true response to sound, and I just didn't understand why he wasn't responding more. Other moms, our sitter, and even the AV therapist told me not to compare him to other kids and when they started responding because every child is different. Well, I was good at not comparing (or at least not letting it get to me, because as moms we all naturally compare) when it came to sitting, crawling, walking, etc. But to me, this was different. This wasn't a learned skill or anything that has to do with Hunter's vestibular system. He got the implant, he was activated 2 weeks ago, we know there is sound going in there, so why wasn't he turning his head to the sound by now. But it is in face a learned skill for him.
I understand that sound is new to him. I kept telling people he's like a newborn baby... he knows the sound is there, he just doesn't know where it's coming from or the fact that what he's hearing is actually sound.

So we went back to therapy on Wednesday with high hopes of getting some answers, and here it is... so take a look at this video:

I am holding some bubbles and counting to 3, trying to distract him until the therapist hits the lollipop drum behind him. It's seems like such a small thing, but after the 4th time in a row, we just KNEW he was hearing that drum and we left that place on cloud nine :)

This week we are focusing on teaching Hunter his name, and using the words airplane and bus. We have also been singing the wheels on the bus and itsy bitsy spider before bed. For Hunter's sake, I wish I was a better singer :)

Here's another picture from therapy, making himself comfortable! We were so proud of him for even sitting there for over an hour, that's hard for an almost 14 month old!

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  1. Jeslyn gets activated on Friday and we're working with Shelley too! She's amazing and I'm so glad we found her! Best of luck and it looks like Hunter is doing fabulous!