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Friday, December 21, 2012

Ochsner's CI Recipient Christmas Celebration

Last week, we switched Hunter's AV appointment to Thursday morning so that we could head to New Orleans for a CI Recipient Celebration honoring children implanted by Dr. Molony at Ochsner's Hospital in New Orleans. It made for a longggg day, but my good friend Lauren offered to join us... and I'm pretty sure she has all of the Barney video words and dance moved memorized!

The day we went to see Dr. Molony for Hunter's 1 week post op appointment, he said next time I see this guy I want him to tell me hi. Well what do you know... the first person we saw when we walked up was Dr. Molony and Hunter proceeded with his adorable little "Hi!"

I didn't realize this, but Santa Clause had also planned to make an appearance at the party. There were about 60-70 people there, and the kids below were all implant recipients.

Patiently waiting for Santa....

There he is!

Going in for the kill....

And.... hands in the mouth, nervous, not really sure what to think!

It was very nice seeing SO many other families who are part of the Ochsner implant community. I have met various families over the past year, and two of them were there that I had been in contact with before.

I also met a few new families and overall, it was just a great experience. I know when Hunter gets older, he will appreciate this gathering so that he can meet other children his age with "ears" just like his! 

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  1. I really like the reunion idea! I wonder if my CI center does something, and if not, I may suggest it! -Ellen