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Thursday, September 22, 2011

It's Our Life

My mother in law was reading the blog the other day, and she texted me to tell me how inspirational she thought the blog was. She is so glad that Blair and I ended up back together, and she knows that Hunter was sent to us for a very special reason. Now as much as I agree with her, because Hunter was perfectly made for Blair and myself… we were no more special than any other husband and wife, until we were given the blessing of Hunter. Although I have to say, my husband and his mother, have always been exceptional care givers for those with special needs. My mother in law has been driving a special needs school bus for 28 years and counting, and has always had a place in her heart for those with special needs. And my husband’s best friend growing up had muscular distrophy and was confined to a wheel chair. I remember when we used to date in high school, they would call him just to go and move his friend from his chair to his bed, or wherever he needed to go, and Blair was happy to help. Then when my husband was merely 14 years old, he suddenly lost his father. This tragic event forced him to immediately become an adult, and the man of the house with two younger siblings. And growing up, my parents instilled life long morals that will never be forgotten. I have been given this life, and I happily accept it with open arms because it’s how I was brought up.

Being parents has changed our lives, but being Hunter’s parents has brought so much more to our lives. It’s life. Our Life. And life is what you make it. Although we have both at some point looked for the what ifs and whys, we got over it about two days after we found out he was deaf. We are just living the life we were given. We strive to do all things possibly to help Hunter maximize his potential. Then we just…. Be.

We are entrusting Hunter’s life into God’s hands, and we wouldn’t change a thing. We don’t always feel like going to church on Sundays, and dedicating an hour of our time to God, but we do it. We do it for Hunter, and we have made the conscious effort ever since he was in the womb to dedicate that hour a week to God and to our son. We thank God for this tiny miracle, and pray that His will be done. God has a special plan for Hunter, we are just blessed to be able to witness that plan. So hug your children a little tighter tonight, and thank God for what you have been given. Life is truly precious.


  1. Awesome E... I love you and Hunter is lucky to have you and Blair.

  2. E - This is so beautifully written! Thank you for continuing to share with us. The 6 month photos are WONDERFUL by the way!

    Love y'all!

  3. E this is so beautiful!!!

    I don't have kids so I will just hug yours!