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Friday, July 10, 2015

Annual CI Mapping & More Updates

We traveled to New Orleans a few months ago for Hunter's annual mapping update and to visit a retinal specialist who spoke at the Usher Symposium in Baton Rouge back in October. I apologize it's taken me so long to post an update, but the update is boring. And I have to say, I am a big fan of boring when it comes to these kinds of things. We don't want any road blocks thrown our way, we don't want any unusual results or problems. We LOVE boring, "he's doing very well, keep up what you've been doing and see you back in a year". AMEN! Thank you baby Jesus!

Here are two videos from his mapping appointments. His ears are hooked up to the computer and when he hears a beep, he has to put the banana in the bucket. It's interesting to watch and learn about. I say interesting, but I should say miraculous!

The retinal specialist sees a good number of Usher Syndrome patients, including children, and we wanted to be a part of her practice so that we can start seeing her on an annual basis, on top of his normal ophthalmologist. She took lots of pictures, looked in his eyes, and said she also sees the US indications, but that overall the eye health looks better than others his age. Amen! Thank you baby Jesus! She was amazing, and we are lucky to be able to see her. 

And let's just give the Aqua+ accessory another shout out, because it makes swimming lessons a breeze! Hunter is acting like a fish and really learning how to swim well by himself!

Hunter also played his first season of T-ball this past spring. We found a helmet that we were able to cut the padding out of so that his ears could fit without too much trouble, and although things started out a little rough, he was doing SO well by the end of the season. He even started running in the right direction by about the 5th game :) See below. My boy, playing t-ball with his friends. He can do whatever he puts his mind to!


And of course his biggest fan was always in tow...
Here is a picture from Hunter's 3rd hearing birthday!
And the following are pictures from Hunter's LAST day of Pre K 3! It's crazy how much he grew during this school year, inside and out :)


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