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Friday, July 10, 2015

The New Face of Usher Syndrome

When we started this Usher Syndrome journey with Hunter, we said we were going to give Usher Syndrome a new definition, a new face, a new hope for everyone affected by it.
Although the time I spend working with the Coalition and others affected by US is only a very small amount of the time I WISH I could put forth, everyone's efforts are definitely coming together, no matter how big or small.

I am in New Orleans this weekend for the Usher Syndrome Family Conference, and as I logged onto the Usher Coalition's website, I see my baby's face on the home page. A sweet sweet face, with such an innocent look. Big blue eyes that have been complimented since day 1. And he has no idea that his face is being viewed all over the world. Various countries, thousands of people, old and young. He has no idea that his diagnosis gave his mama a new purpose for living. Something to fight for, something to win, a story to share and relate and laugh and cry with. I don't have much experience with this diagnosis just yet, being the Hunter is only 4. But I feel like I've learned more about my family, myself, my friends, my support systems, and about life in general in the past 4 years than I did in my first 27 years of living. As my mom always says about herself, I'm a work in progress, but constantly striving to improve. Finding beauty in the unexpected. Finding joy in our journey to Holland. Learning that as lonely as we may feel at times, there's always someone out there who is feeling the exact same way, whether they share it on social media or not.
The people we will gather with at the family conference tomorrow all have one common goal. One common purpose and that's why they travel from near and far to be here. It's nothing my close friends will ever understand, but that's ok. It's nothing you can relate to until you're dealt the same cards. To be brutally honest, it's freaking scary at times. At times,  I let my fear of the unknown get the best of me. But this weekend, it's a positive outlook into what potential cures are on the cusp. It's a heart-warming gathering that puts our perspectives back into place. That makes us feel a little less alone.

That little boy in the picture has no real idea of what he's coming to New Orleans for. He's mainly concerned with the exciting opportunity to be able to sleep in a hotel for two nights :)
One day he will get it, one day he will realize that his face is the new face to Usher Syndrome. He's going to move mountains, and with great faith and hope, his future will be the new definition of what a life with Usher Syndrome looks like.


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