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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Early Steps Intervention

Monday, May 2nd, I had a final meeting with Early Steps to write a care plan for Hunter. This program is incredible. I am shocked at how much they have to offer not only Hunter, but for Hunter's daddy and myself. For those of you who have never heard of Early Steps, it's a program funded by the state for children with disabilities from ages 0 - 36 months free of charge. I never knew it existed, and it is such a wonderful thing! We will have a physical therapist and a special teacher come into our home once a week to work with Hunter and to teach Blair and myself how to "play" with Hunter. Being deaf sometimes affects other things in the body such as delayed head control, crawling and sometimes walking (amongst other things). So the PT and teacher will show us things that we can do to work with Hunter on a daily basis so that he does not fall far behind other children his age. We are ecstatic to learn and work with Hunter so that he can keep up with all of his new cousins being born this year!
We did have a routine appointment with an ENT last week, which was more of a stepping stone to Oschner's. But we also met with an opthalmologist to check Hunter's eyes, and so far so good! They are right on track for his age :) Praise God! Our next appointment for Hunter is May 13th at Ochsner's in New Orleans. We will be meeting with an audiologist and the Cochlear Implant surgeon, Dr. Molony, to get the ball rolling on this process. From what we hear, there are guidelines that must be followed in order for any insurance coverage on the implants, so we will receive more information from them on those guidelines. One thing we do know is that you must use hearing aids for a few months to make sure those do not help him hear, and we will eventually be doing an MRI to check for the cochlear bone in both ears to make sure we can do the cochlear implant. From what our ENT says, it is very rare to not have the cochlear bone. We have been one in a thousand for a few things already, but hopefully we aren't for this!
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