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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hearing Aids are in!

Our baby boy was once again an angel for his hearing aid fitting today. The audiologist wanted to do another ABR test (hearing test for any brainwave response to sounds), so that she could do a range of decibals and frequencies to get a more detailed report. He needed to be asleep for this, and he just so happen to fall asleep as we were walking in and slept like a rock for the entire 15 mintues, then woke up immediately when they were done. Here is a picture of him during the test.

We then went in to get the hearing aids fitted. The molds that we got fitted for two weeks ago are already a little too small. So we will be getting new ones soon, but will be able to use these for now. From what I have heard, babies grow out of them pretty quickly! The hearing aids also have a lanyard in the back that clips to his shirt. This is in case he pulls them off so that we don't lose them! There are no tests that can detect brain waves in response to sound from hearing aids, so Blair and I will just watch closely and see if he is reacting to anything. We go back in two weeks to see how he is doing with them, and they may try loud pitches to see if he reacts at all. But it's not until 6 months that they can really see a head turn in babies reacting to sound. It's highly likely that the hearing aids are stimulating the brain, so we are going to keep them in as much as possible. I think his brain is probably getting sick of the light up toys that we stick in front of his face 24/7 to double up on the visual stimulation! Keep in mind, we are still pursuing the cochlear implant, this is just one step (and requirement) to obtain the CI.

We are still getting a lot of screeches and more and more laughing everyday. We are so blessed to have such a happy baby. Here are some pictures of H with the hearing aids on, I think he likes them :)

Also, I posted a link to the right of Buzz's Journey- To hearing and beyond. This little boy got the implants done by Dr. Molony at Ochsner's. His mother said feel free to read his story. He is now 4 1/2 years old and keeps up with all of his older brothers.

I just wanted to say congrats to my cousin Baron who placed second in a body building competition on Saturday. He has Usher's Syndrome and has overcome more hurdles than most hearing people! There was an article in the paper about him, and I wanted to steal his quote, "Never take it for granted". It is so true.

Andddddd last but not least, welcome to the world Baby Evangeline Grace Babineaux!! My brother and his wife had their sweet baby girl at 4:31 today, 7/13/2011. Everyone is doing well! With all of these new 2011 babies, Christmas will definitely be entertaining :)

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  1. 'Lil Hunter is getting so big! I am making a trip soon! Hunter is so lucky to have such wonderful parents and family!! Love ya'll!