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Sunday, September 11, 2011

It's September already???

People keep asking since the last post how the new sitter is working out. We are very grateful to have her, she has been very good to Hunter so far. The first day mommy was a little emotional, it was like dropping off my baby for the very first time (during which I actually did not cry!). But this was just a little different. I knew her, and had great personal references from people we have recently met, but I didn't have personal references from people I have known for years. It just made mommy a little nervous, but as I have said before, it was harder on me than it was on him!

The second day we had PT at 8am, which was a little rough on everyone. We thought the PT might work with us, and see Hunter at the daycare at least one time a month, but she said it is not in her vacinity and would be too far of a drive for her. That in itself is just a little upsetting to us all since Nini, the new sitter, welcomes and wants therapists there to help her and show her what he needs to work on. We have sent out a request to our Early Steps case manager that if there are any openings with PTs that work in Vermilion parish, that we would definitely like to switch. For now, we will be relaying the information.
The PT session was a little rough on H. He still is not able to support himself on his stomach using his elbows. He simply LOVES arching his back and just flat out does not enjoy being on his tummy. We work and work and work, but I truly believe it's something that just isn't comfortable for him and may never be. But the fact of the matter is, whether it's comfortable for him or not, he needs to spend more time on his tummy. Therefore, the last session involved lots and lots of  screaming and tears. I thought I was going to be strong, if it's what he needs, it shouldn't bother me that it upsets him. But this time was different. I knew he wasn't in pain, but he was definitely screaming like we hardly ever see. It's just sad to watch your baby cry and cry and cry, but I held it together, mostly because I knew he wasn't in pain. He was just uncomfortable. But he needs to become comfortable in that position or else he will not sit up any time soon.

Nini reassured me that with time, it will come. As is with everything else. It took him a little longer to hold his head up, but he did it. Like she said, when was the last time you saw a deaf baby who didn't sit up or crawl? And it's so true. I like her more and more, she makes me feel better because she spent day in and day out with a deaf baby who defied the odds. And we know Hunter will do the same :)

On Thursday we had a play session with our special teacher through Early Steps, and she is glad Hunter is still so vocal and making different sounds now. We are encouraging it and praying it doesn't stop.

And last but not least... on Friday, Blair, Hunter and Pappy saw Shelley, our AV Therapist in BR. (Mommy had a virus). But the session went very well. She is proving to us more and more that the Auditory Verbal approach is definitely the way for us. Hunter will stay back for the next few sessions, because for now she is educating mommy and daddy so that we know everything once he gets the implant. Not much detail on these sessions, but they will really gear up once Hunter gets activated after the implant.

We have uploaded a few new videos and added an updated 6 month picture from this past weekend on the main blog page.

Hunter turns 6 months tomorrow... we can't believe it! With all the new babies in the family, Hunter isn't the baby baby anymore!

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