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Friday, September 30, 2011

Our week...

What a week it has been!

First of all, Blair and I cannot put into words how touched we are that you all are choosing to support our baby boy on his journey to hearing. For those of you who aren’t aware, some very special friends of ours have decided to put on a shrimp boil fundraiser called “Helping Hunter Hear”.

The word has spread like wild fire thanks to all of our friends and family, and even those we’ve never met, who just want to help give Hunter the gift of hearing. Every time someone forwards me an email with the flyer, and I see how many people had forwarded that email before them, I literally get choked up. Being from a community like Acadiana goes to show you how incredible small communities are, and how they come together at the drop of a hat. Many many thanks to those helping put on this event, to those driving around selling tickets, and to those of you spreading the word. We are forever grateful for all of your time and effort. The gift of hearing is something so special, and Hunter will achieve many many goals thanks to all of you.

Secondly, we started seeing Hunter’s occupational therapist last week. She was amazing, and we all loved her. She gave us some really great new ideas and exercises to help Hunter get comfortable trying to sit up. We think he just really had no idea that his hands and arms are there to help him balance. He was doing SO well, I think our jaws dropped when she was only helping stabilize his hips, and he was using his own arms to balance himself. Of course, since she has left, we have a hard time getting him to do it for us. He luh-huvs arching that back, so we really have to catch when he’s in a good and relaxed mood.

We also saw the physical therapist this week, who gave us even more new exercises to do with Hunter to get him used to the idea of sitting up. We have also started using our exersaucer a little here and there. We put a blanket at the bottom (which recently turned into Reese’s new “spot”) so that his feet are touching, and we have to put a pillow behind him to keep him stabile. I think he really likes all the toys and different colors. Sometimes he likes to lean his little head on the animals… so we take him out when we think he is getting tired :) We don’t want him in any position for too long. Between the swing, the boppy, the bumbo, tummy time, the exersaucer and side lying… he is constantly moving!

On Friday I met with Shelley, the AV therapist for more information on auditory verbal therapy. This was my first session with her and I really admire her and her techniques. She said reading to him right now is one of the best things we can do. Since our mouth is so close to his ear when he is on our lap, it doesn’t distort our voice (such as if we were to yell across the room, or talk louder if he was lying on the floor), and the pictures just get those eyes and brain cranking! So we make every effort to get our story time in!

Thank you all for following- have a great weekend!


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