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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Turning 3

I've been a little emotional lately. Hunter is turning 3 this week and as I recently posted this picture below to Instagram and it brought back so many memories of Hunter's first birthday.

The world was completely silent to him. I just can't imagine that feeling to anyone in the world, and the last person I wanted that for was my child. He was a happy baby and obviously never seemed very bothered by it because he didn't know he was supposed to be able to hear. But I knew. And as a mommy, you just want to give your babies the world, but sometimes God has other things in mind. His first birthday was such a big deal for us. It was bittersweet because it meant he was finally of age to get his CIs, but as our entire family gathered to sing Happy Birthday, he couldn't hear a single word of it. I remember being grateful at the time for a healthy baby boy who would soon receive the gift of hearing. But at the same time, a little piece of me wished he could hear the world around him and not be any different than any other 1 year old.

We had Hunter's 3rd birthday party at The Little Gym this past weekend and he had an absolute blast!

Here are a couple of short videos of everyone singing him Happy Birthday (one of the ten times!) and I'm not sure who loved it more, me or him :)

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