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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Annual Audiologist & Retinal Specialist Visit

Hi there, hope all of you are doing well.   I wanted to give you a short up-date  on Hunter's  (who turned 5 on March 12) latest trip to New Orleans for a check up of his cochlear implants and also an eye appointment with the retina specialist, Dr. Maria Renoso, both in New Orleans.
Our appointment at Ochsner with our audiologist to map his cochlear implants went great.  He is doing very well with them and except for some minor issues now (we have had to replace a coil or two, a few wires, and a processor a few, no well several times now) and then, he is having no problems.  He hears and speaks very well and we are so grateful for that.  And sings/dances, I have to mention that.  It rules our household where he is concerned, I believe I have said this a time or five before!  So much to be thankful for, we are blessed. The video below shows him repeating words and he can hear sounds as low as 15 decibels which is fantastic! Notice in the video her voice gets lower and lower.
He is playing T-ball again this year and is doing really well with that, also.  His balance is better than last year out there, and he hits the ball and throws well and in general is having a good time, which is all that counts, right?
His eye appointment showed that his eyes were stable from last year, another thing to be grateful for.  I asked Dr. Renoso some questions about the eyes and what to expect and she told me in another year or two they will be able to do a field of vision test. When he's a little holder and can sit still for a little longer. She said if he does start to have any night vision loss, he possibly retreat from going outside at dusk. But for now, we have no worries in the near future :)
Blair and I ran in the Zydeco Half Marathon a month ago and sported our Own the Equinox Team Hunter shirts... and I actually got a comment from a fellow runner during the race that it was a great cause... and I couldn't agree more! If I look like death, it's because I felt like death! LOL
I know this is short, but I just wanted to let you all know that we are doing fine, we love and appreciate each and every one of you.  I will be working this year to form a non-profit so that we can get donations for Usher Syndrome research.  More to come on that topic at a later date.
Let's get back to this 5 year old looks 10 years old over night!
Hunter - 5 Years Old

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