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Sunday, August 26, 2012

4 Months Post Activation

4 Months.... It's so hard to believe that it's been 4 months since my baby heard for the first time, and what a turn he has taken in just the last month or so. I was watching his activation videos again this past weekend, and it was bone chilling all over again!

I find one of the main differences between now and when he was 1 month post activation is that they don't fall off NEARLY as much as they used to. Granted, Hunter is very active so the magnet does still fall off here and there, but it has gone from what felt like 100 times a day to less than 10 times a day. Although putting his ears on has gotten easier as well, it's still not ideal. In the mornings, we put Hunter in his high chair and start feeding him before trying to put them on. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it really really.... really doesn't. I can safely say he's not to the point where he's asking for them just yet. In fact, sometimes it can get down right ugly. But once they are on, he is usually good to go.... Until you tell him no. He doesn't like being told no. And when he gets mad, he reaches for his ears and throws them off. Even if he's in the tub and gets mad, he reaches for his ears (which aren't even on in the tub) to throw them off.

We have got some definite words that Hunter likes to use without any ques from us:
Dede (dada)
Bye bye
Muh (more)
Un (one)
Keekee (kick)
Sssss (Snake, or even Sssss for rope!)

And we are working on the following, but we know exactly what he's trying to say:

He has been mimicing a lot of things these days as well... or should I say almost everything. When he hears other people laugh, he gives the cutest fake laugh. And the same thing for when someone coughs, he has to get a cough in as well, and then he will pat himself and the other person on the back. Today I sneezed and said Bless Me! And he attempted to say it as well! When he is in the mood to repeat things, there's no stopping him!

Hunter has become the mighty babbler these days. He actually talks and points and we think he's in deep conversation with himself sometimes. It is amazing to witness this transition that is taking place before our eyes with his vocabulary and receptive language skills.

Walking... We are still working very hard and tirelessly. I believe he is over crawling, for the most part, and ready to be on his own and on his feet, at least in hid head he is. His mind and his physical body are there, but the balance is still lagging behind. Although we have graduated to walking assisted with only one hand, his vestibular system is still pretty far behind. Blair and I practice with him and get him to walk back and forth between us but it's more like him leaning into a fall. We still applaud like there's no tomorrow and he is so proud of himself. But we are definitely glad that he likes being on his feet. He has also started more knee crawling/hopping, but its a sure sign that hes gaining control if his balance day by day. With the amount of assisted walking that he does now on a daily basis, we should probably be grateful that he isnt completely on his own just yet because if he were he would be unstoppable.

Here are a few short and sweet videos of Hunter saying Hey, and attempting to say Cheese!

And a few pictures from celebrating Nana's birthday this past weekend in False River:


  1. I LOVE his cheese video. He's so darn cute!!! I'm so happy for all of you that he's doing so well. Kiss him from me please.

  2. his deep voice is incredible, love when he says hey.