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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Walking... Baby Steps!

Blair, Hunter and I decided to make our way to my parents' house in New Iberia to weather Isaac. While we were there, we decided to do a little practice walking.

The following video is the very first time Hunter has taken this many steps on his own. I wasn't this far away to start off with, but I kept backing up and backing up because he was doing so well. The following night he was even pivoting and walking on his own. Granted, Blair or myself have to always set him up first and get him on his feet. But we are thrilled that he can do it this far on his own. Is he walking on his own all the time? Not yet. In fact, the following day he wouldn't do it at all until later that night. But it isn't far away, I just know it!

Enjoy this video, because we have watched it over and over, and over and over! My favorite part is the big hug at the end :)


  1. Yeah!!! way to go Hunter (and mom and dad with all the hard work :)

  2. Wonderful milestone! My kids always reached big ones when more family was around- I think all the extra attention and love gives kids that last little boost they need :D