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Friday, August 3, 2012

Catching Up

I cannot believe I have no posted since July 16th and we are already in August. Looking back on my calendar, I have no good excuse except that we went to the beach for 6 days, packed for 2 days before that, and have been recovering ever since!

First, the beach trip. Man oh man, how a 1 year old can change everything about a “vacation”. I was excited because on past beach trips we usually go for a long weekend, but this time it was 5 nights/6 days and I was very much looking forward to getting away and spending time with good friends and family. Although Hunter didn’t sleep but about 20 minutes on the way there, the ride wasn’t that bad. As long as he was being fully entertained or eating, he was content. (it’s more exhausting than it sounds). The first morning we were all moving pretty slowly trying to get things packed up to bring down to the beach with us. The tents, the umbrellas, the baby pool, the ice chest(s), the toys, the snacks, the sunblock, the cameras, the sunglasses, the floaties…. I’m sure I could go on and on. Since we didn’t make it down there till mid-morning, Hunter wasn’t very impressed. After 20 minutes of him pouting on my lap, I decided it was probably time for a nap. One great thing about Hunter is that we take his ears off when he naps, so he doesn’t wake up for much except a nunie that was flung across the room or a new tooth coming in. So while he napped, I decided to do the same while everyone else was on the beach. In the afternoon, we tackled the baby pool and he really liked it, but wanted to walk around and around and around in non-stop circles. Or random patterns I should say. And he only walks while holding someone’s hand… so what do you know, Blair and I were walking around the baby pool crouched down or on our knees. Haha, there was no just sitting there and playing with the toys like John Parker and Eli were doing. We have one little busy bee on our hands. We were glad to have willing family and friends there to help walk Hunter, haha!

I played the next few days a little better. Sunday we did mass in the morning so I waited until after lunch and his nap to attempt anything. And on Monday we went down super early so as not to interfere with nap time. He did better the second time on the beach, but only left Mommy and Nana’s laps for a split second. Every time he got sand on his feet he would just stare at them. He couldn’t understand what it was or why it was there. Totally understandable, it was his first beach trip J

Although the trip was a little overwhelming, once we got a routine (and moved the coffee table out of the living room/dance floor) it got a lot better. I think he enjoyed crawling and jumping around the living room even more than being in the water. We had Mommy/Hunter dance parties, and Hunter played a lot with his two buddies who were there. Here are a few of the pictures from the trip!

 Blair reading to Hunter and Eli

 Brandon, Eli, Hunter and Blair

Family Pic

Hunter on the beach

Wess reading to John Parker and Hunter

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  1. You likely already know this bit of lore about RP: “Wearing sunglasses to protect the retina from ultraviolet light may help preserve vision.” It has never been clear to me if this is really important or just several people’s best guess. (My suspicion is that it is like chicken soup, “it couldn’t hurt”.)