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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

CI Mapping 05.10.13

Hunter, Blair and I hit the road Friday, May 10th for a mapping appointment with Mrs. Tanya at Ochsner's in New Orleans. Our last appointment was in January and she did not change any of his settings. She wanted us to go back in 3 months (which ended up being 4 because of tax season) just to check in on things again. The one piece of advice I will never forget when first researching Cochlear Implants was to have them mapped (programmed) as often as possible. So I am definitely not opposed to making the trip, even though we were most likely not going to change anything. She asked if we were having any problems, plugged his ears in to check to the programs, made Hunter say a few things, hit the sound booth for a minute and we were done!

Here is a of video from the sound booth after the appointment. They play a low sound from either the right, left or front and Hunter has to look. Once he looks they turn on the lights and a louder noise, like a rabbit playing a miniature drum.

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