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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

These days, Hunter in public can be hit or miss. Sometimes he will sit in a high chair for an hour, no complaints, and sometimes he wants out the minute he gets in. He is in constant.motion.all.waking.hours. Since our beach trip last summer, Hunter hasn't really been on a family trip so we decided to go to the Audubon Zoo and Aquarium of the Americas with our friends Courtney and Chris and their 2 year old James. Hunter and James get along very well and feed off of each other, so we knew it would be a good time with the two of them. It's still a lot of parallel play at this age, but they definitely know when each other is there and ask where they are when they are apart.

Saturday we started at the zoo around 11 and left around 2. There were a ton of people, but it was so big that you could hardly tell. There were lots of shaded areas as well, which was nice in the 86 degree weather.
Here are a few pictures from the zoo:

Here are a few pictures from dinner, and a video. We lucked out and picked a place with a completely empty ball room upstairs where the daddys took the boys to run pretty much the whole time we were there!

The boys found a mic upstairs, and while James was singing Life is a highway, Hunter was running, and running, and running and running. Until he finally got the mic, and broke out into HBDTY! Haha. They reminded me of Sophia Grace and Rosie, the male version!

And a few pictures from Sunday at the hotel and the aquarium. It's true, temper tantrums followed us to New Orleans, but overall we had a GREAT trip and are so glad we went!

Yes. Santa makes all trips.

After a great weekend in New Orleans, we spent Memorial Day by the pool at my parents' house. ALL Hunter has been talking about for weeks now is the boat behind Pappy and Nana's house that he saw. So Blair put his boat in the water to take Hunter for a ride, but he cringed as we walked towards the wharf, whined because he appeared scared to death, and he never set foot in the boat, after all that! We tried.... maybe another time :)

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