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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Hunter's 1 Year Hearing Birthday 4/27/2013

To all,
We have reached the 1 year mark, the most exciting 1st year with so many milestones I can't even begin to express how grateful we are for Hunter's ears. It has changed his world while he has changed the world around him. The joy and laughter and words and sentences, yes sentences, bring a smile to my face that only the mother of a child born deaf can understand. Hunter still amazes us every single day. His memory blows me away. The things he picks up on constantly makes me wonder if we are challenging him enough.

Oh and a few things I don't think I ever addressed on here. We now just have to travel to Breaux Bridge for therapy on Wednesdays instead of Baton Rouge. The Chesney Center hired a therapist who drives to Breaux Bridge once a week to meet with their patients from the Acadiana area. Also, we switched out the color of Hunter's coils from tax to brown and they blend much better now!

Here are a few videos from Hunter's AV Therapy session last week. They just make me smile big big!

Blair and I tried to compile a list of new things he was saying last week and here are a few of them:

Good job buddy getting ball
Daddy where are you?
One, two, three throw!
Ready, set, go throw
Bye dogs see you later
Boat pass pappy house
Close door nana house
See you tomorrow
McDonald's french fry with Gammy
I love you more
Nice to meet you
Go get towel mommy
Get Icee Friday?
Mama play bubbles outside

Now this was probably two days worth of things from last week and I haven't even had a chance to write down new ones from this week, but he just keeps stringing new words together every day! He has even started saying Thank You without being prompted and his use of the word please has increased as well! 

Thanks to everyone who constantly works with Hunter, he has made progress like I've never imagined he would. We are so grateful to be blessed with such an amazing support system of friends, family and therapists. 

Here are a few recent pictures as well.

And one from his hearing birthday:


  1. Amazing! Watching this gives me hope for my son, Noah, who progressively has been losing his hearing. We are going through the candidacy process for CI's now. Your son is just AMAZING!

  2. Happy Hearing Birthday Hunter! What an incredible year indeed... and many, more to come :)

  3. Happy Hearing Birthday Hunter!

  4. Wow! What a precious little guy! I loved hearing him say, "Right here?" I am so happy that he is doing fantastic and know you guys are so proud of him.

  5. That is one very cute, and impressive little guy! I hope my son (implanted 4/22, waiting to be activated 5/14) will be doing as well in a years' time.

  6. Love hearing the progress! God bless the 3 of you!

  7. i love the way he says hamburger