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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hunter- 23 Months Old

So here’s an update that’s long overdue…. And it’s a long one.

Blair turned 30 on January 5th. (he’s old!) On that very same day, Hunter put his magnet back on his head for the very first time by himself while we were at the Little Gym. It was soooo exciting for us both! I meant to blog about this a while back, but Blair said we will always remember it because it was on his 30th birthday! At that time, Hunter was a little over 8 months post activation. It makes life so much easier for us all, especially in the car. Sometimes when he can’t find the right spot to put the magnet he gets annoyed, but we are trying to teach him just to say “off” when that happens. For those of you who haven’t seen him lately, we exchanged the tan colored coil/magnet for a brown one and they blend so well with his hair. A friend of ours asked where the magnet part of the CI went, but she didn’t realize it was there and she just couldn’t see it! The processor is still tan, but I think it looks normal since that is the part on his actual year.

Every night Hunter and I read books before bed, and one of them is a counting book. Well I can truthfully say that he counted to 10 all by himself last night, then pointed to his head and made the sign for “smart” while saying “mart mart!” Our sitter, Nini, always does that after Hunter sings the ABCs, and it’s a trip to watch him do it too! We work on the ABCs every night as well, and I think he pretty much has it down pat except he isn’t a fan of M or N. He goes straight to “OOOOOOOO P QQQQ” after L. He also likes to try and sign the ABCs while he is singing them. He has goes A down pat and he is proud of it! Then he proceeds just moving his fingers to make it look like he knows what he’s doing :)

I had off of work for Mardi Gras day and Hunter was home from daycare as well, so we had a couple of play dates and just maxed and relaxed the whole day. Blair and I had a Mardi Gras ball on Monday night, so he picked the perfect day to sleep until 7:45am! I was sure he was sick, but no, his Tia babysat him the night before and I think she just has that effect on kids to get them to sleep as long as possible J That afternoon Hunter and I also took a 3 and a half hour nap. And the minute he lifted his head, he said “rice”. That boy can eat. But I told Blair, I felt like he was really putting so many words together. I think he gained vocabulary during his nap!

And as for being all over the press last week…. Whoa! I will have to address that in a separate post later this week! It’s been wonderful for the entire Usher Community!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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