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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Link to KATC Newscast

For those of you who missed the KATC newscast last night, or for those who don't live in this area, I have posted a link below. We cannot say enough how great it was working with Akeam Ashford at Channel 3. He was so polite and truly interested in Hunter.

I got a text from Akeam Friday evening say that the ABC national news is picking up the story. Hopefully this will help to educate more and more people on exactly what Usher Syndrome is and what they can do to help!

Thank you again to everyone who helped out with this, journalists and news casters are what it takes to get the word out. Hopefully we get a call from Ellen real soon :)

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  1. Beautiful, Elise!!! This brought tears to my eyes. I'm sure it was difficult to talk openly about Hunter's condition without getting emotional. Well done, Mom and Dad!! Your story is such an inspiration and is really creating awareness. Keep us updated on the national spot!