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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Hunter's 1st Birthday Party

Yesterday we celebrated Hunter’s 1st birthday party. I made myself crazy because I wanted everything to be perfect. I guess it’s that first child 1st birthday party itch. I was determined to have it exactly as I had always pictured it, and nothing less! My family knows how crazy I am about this kind of stuff, and that I have been working on décor since January. Only because I knew once March rolled around that I would be too mentally and physically exhausted from working long tax season hours to even have the urge to make all of the decorations.

I came into work super early yesterday so that I could get out early and finish the last minute details. Thanks to some special family members who helped me, I could not have done it without them (or at least not sanely!)

On a side note…. This past week, we gave our cat, Reese, away to a sweet little couple who live near Lafayette. And I have to say it was PERFECT timing for the stuff I had to put out and the number of people who were coming over. I didn’t have to stress over her tearing anything down beforehand, and we didn’t have to pick up every.single.little.thing before going to be in fear of it being terrorized this morning. It’s bittersweet since we raised her from 4 weeks old, but I find comfort in knowing she is with a sweet family.

The theme of the party was goldfish. I found the idea on a blog, and immediately decided that was what we were going to do. See pictures below my post.

Hunter had a nice long 2.5 hour nap right before the party started… in fact I had to wake him up for fear that he would not go down for the night. He was in good spirits, but still was not a huge fan of the icing being all over his hands. On the other hand, the spoon full of icing was delightful!

Although the chances of rain were high, we did not see one bit of it! The day turned out quite nice, and we couldn’t have asked for more than to be surrounded by the people we love the most. The people in our lives who play such special and different roles to Blair, myself and to Hunter.
As I have said before, since Hunter was born, our lives have done a 180 degree turn. And the differences that stick out the most, are the increased number of times a day that I smile. From the time Hunter throws his morning bottle to the side of him, rolls over and gives me that grin where his bottom two teeth stick out, to our nighttime bath and book ritual. I never thought such a tiny person would bring so much joy to my life. There are multiple times where Blair will call to me, come see, quick! And it’s something new/different/funny that Hunter is doing. And we just chuckle. On the way home from New Iberia this afternoon, Hunter was giggling so much, and I usually do a silly giggle back to keep him rolling, but this time he just made me laugh uncontrollably and I started to tear up. The joy I get from this kid is the light of my life. He’s the reason I do everything that I do.

Tomorrow we have our 12 month checkup and shots at 8:10am. We have been trying to keep our little man healthy so that he can get his shots, since the surgery has to be at least two weeks after the shots. As of now, all is a go!

So Happy Birthday Hunter! Mommy and Daddy love you to the moon and back. Next milestone… hearing us say ‘I Love You’!

And here is a little footage, enjoy!

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