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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Thank you, Facebook

My opinion of Facebook and the social media world is constantly changing. I find myself subconsciously judging others on what they post, why they post things, and sometimes ask myself who in the world needs to know some of the things that get posted. As I'm sure some people judge some of my posts.
Today, I praise Facebook and the effect social media has had on our family. I don't so much get choked up when thinking of hunter's surgery, I get excited! But I do get choked up when I get on Facebook and see all of the love and prayers coming our way. It served as a nice distraction during the surgery, and it also spread the word to lift hunter through prayer and to watch over the surgeon and staff who are assisted in his surgery.
Yesterday was a great day... It was a surgery that will take hunter places we never dreamed he would go when first hearing of his profound hearing loss diagnosis.
So thank you Facebook, for keeping us connected to our support system... There were many angels surrounding our baby boy today!

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