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Friday, March 30, 2012

This week

Good morning! Everyone keeps asking how Hunter is doing and I apologize for not giving more/better updates. When we got home on Wednesday he was crawling all around, pretty much back to normal. Trying to give that child a bath Wednesday night was a task! We took out the old bath tub that he used to sit in inside of the big tub so that we didn't get his hair wet. (anytime we put him in the big tub, he immediately lays down and starts kicking, and we didn't want that!)
Then after his bath, we layed him on the bathroom floor to wash his hair. Blair served as a nice distraction to prevent him from rolling over and I semi-washed his hair with a washcloth so as not to get the tape wet. It was then that we decided he didn't need a bath EVERY night this week :)
Last night's bath time consisted of wet wipes and lotion.

Blair was a little concerned because Hunter's ears were sticking out more than normal. After googling it and talking with another mom, we came to realize that it has to do with some swelling and how they pull the ear forward during the surgery and when it's bandaged. One has gone back to normal and the other one is still a little swollen.

And as far as where they shaved his head, just from looking at him from the front you can't even tell! But looking at the back there are definitely gaps. You would think they would shave the same amount on both sides, but no... one side is shaved more than the other...? Oh well!

I haven't been able to get any really good pictures except for this one. It's his left side behind the ear. The tape is supposed to fall off by itself. But you can really tell from here that his ear is sticking out.

And here is a video from the first day home:

I love the little pointer fingers, I could kiss them all day long!
Hunter slept like a rock the first night home. We had given him Tylenol for any pain rather than the pain meds, and he seemed to be doing well with that. The next morning, there was dried blood covering his face under his nose, but I knew it was probably still going to be coming out. There was some on his sheets, but not like his nose was bleeding all night. I came back to work on Thursday since it's the height of tax season, as did Blair, and our moms are splitting half days with Hunter. A full day with him by yourself can be exhausting so we figured half days for each would work better.

Here is a video from yesterday that his Gammy took while staying with him. He's a big boy getting on the couch all by himself! That head must not be hurting!

We may try and tackle another bath tomorrow since we will be seeing other people rather than just family this weekend! Haha.

Then on Wednesday, we go to NOLA for his week post op appointment with Dr. Molony, the CI surgeon. And after that, we will go to Tulane in New Orleans to get blood drawn to do the genetic testing.

Stay tuned for further updates... I will try and get better pictures of the back of his head soon! He just doesn't stop moving :)

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  1. Good timing--I was just getting ready to email you to see how he was recovering and decided to check here first just in case there was an update :) Isn't it amazing how quickly they bounce back at that age? Sounds like Hunter had the same hairdresser as Landon--except they shaved Landon's mostly on the sides so you could see it from the front. Glad to hear he is doing so well! Activation will be here before you know it--then comes the fun part of trying to keep all that equipment on such a busy little boy :)