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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Post Surgery Update

Well, almost immediately after my last post, it was almost time to give Hunter some of the pain meds. He was pretty fussy, but it hadn't been exactly 4 hours yet so I let him lay on me for a bit and he ended up falling asleep. When we decided to wake him to give him the meds, he threw up dried blood, milk and yogurt basically down my shirt and all over him, poor baby. It was just my mom and myself in the room at the time, and I almost freaked when seeing the blood, except I knew it didn't look like fresh blood. In the midst of it all when I asked my mom if it was blood, she said yes but probably dried blood which he had been swallowing and was making him nauseous. From the time we first saw him after the surgery he has had a few random nose bleeds and is still getting them even though we are now home.
I think it made him feel better, although we were not about to try giving him anything else but pedialyte and ice chips.

We were prepared for a pretty rough night, but surprisingly he didn't wake us up much, and he was sleeping between Blair and myself in our bed. We had set the alarm to give him meds, and tried pedialyte a couple of times. He ended up taking almost an entire pedialyte popsicle, but nothing more until the next morning. It was very weird for him not to move at all during the night because he is usually rolling and tossing and turning all night (he never sleeps with us at home, so I figured he would be kicking us all night). But I think the bandages were heavy on his head and he was still a little out of it all night long.

We FINALLY (well let me say, BLAIR finally) got some giggles this morning when we got up and moving around. I'm pretty sure he was sick of being stuck in the hotel room because we couldn't even sit on the bed while holding him, we had to constantly be walking around. So the whole family took turns going up and down the hall and to the bottom floor. When we went eat breakfast he was back to his normal self, except that the bandages were pushing his forehead down so he had a mean look on his face all morning, lol! But he was munching on biscuits, grits and milk, so we knew he was feeling much better!

Dr. Molony took the bandages off and said everything was looking great. We told him about the bloody nose and he said that was normal after surgery. He told us he would see us again in a week to check out how everything was healing. Before walking out of the room, my mom told him he was covered in prayers during the surgery, to which his response was "I felt it". How awesome!

We also set Hunter's activation date! For those who were wondering if he was going to be able to hear right after the surgery, the answer is no. They just put in the internal device of the cochlear implant, but there is also an outter device that is needed to make them work. This outter device is not turned on for a month or so, once everything is healed and looking good. So the day we will turn them on is Friday, April 27th! This will be the day Hunter will be able to hear what he has been missing out on for the last year of his life!

I will put another post with the pictures from the past few days!

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